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amIT250- Linux Operating Sytem
FINAL EXAM REVIEW 1. (Page 1)Who developed Linux? Linus Torvalds , What year was it released? September 1991 2. (Page 232)Sends info from one point to another point? > 3. (Page 243)Matches any single character in the name of an existing file? ? 4. (Page 14-15)Component of X Windows that will allow you to customize the user interface? Window Manager 5. (Page 34)Where are programs and data temporarily stored when there is not enough RAM to hold all the information it is processing? Swap file 6. (Page 38)Logical Volume Manager(know what this is used for)Allows you to change the size of logical volumes (partitions) 7. (Page 888)What is the common C Compiler for Linux? GNU
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ls to see files and permissions? ls-l 23. (Page 152)What command do you use to change the name of a file? mv (THROWN OUT) 24. (Page 180)In vi, what takes you to the top? 1 shift G to the bottom? Shift G How do you delete a single character? X 25. (Page 887)Any C program has to end with this extension. .c 26. (Page 154)What command is used to show the last ten lines of a file? tail 27. (Page 169)What command is used to list users that are logged into the system? who 28. (Pages 606-607)What program allows files to be shared? Samba 29. (Page 181)What command is used to exit vi and save? zz and esc :wq 30. (Page 196)What command takes you to your home directory? cd 31. (Page 498)Which utility helps you update packages? Yum (installed by default) 32. (Page 193)Absolute pathnames: starts at root and has nothing to do with your home directory 33. (Pages 241-242)What command moves a command from the background to the foreground? fg 34. (Page 288)How do you give users permission to execute? ch mod u+x 35. (Page 216)Hard links and symbolic links… If you delete a hard link the symbolic(soft) link will not work. 36. (Page 192)Which utility displays the pathname of the working directory? pwd 37. (Page 505)What is used to graphically add and remove software packages? pirut 38. 39. (Page 150)How do you see one page at a time? (pipe less) | less 40.

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