It2640 Week 5 Appendix B Essay

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Appendix B

IT/260 Database Design Document

Gift Shop Inventory

Date Modified: 7-28-2010

Part 1: Introduction (due Week Two)

a) Application Summary

I selected the Gift Shop Inventory application.

b) Database Software

I will use SQL 2008 Express Edition. This software closely resembles the software I use at work. I am familiar with the flexibility of this software. I am very comfortable in using SQL 2008. SQL is also one of the industry standard RDMS.

c) Database Design Elements Prior to designing my database, I will have a clear understanding of the data. This will allow me to determine the purpose of the database. Once all information is
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The ERD represents conceptualization by end users of what the database has to offer. As a database designer, it is important for you to use the ERD tool so the components, attributes, entities and relationships are clearly visible. The ERD tool will held database designers make sure they are capturing all required data and that all tables needed are built around that data.

b) Entity

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