It331: Technology Infrastructure Essay

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You have been asked to design a LAN with operation over a distance of about 100m. Compare and contrast twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber-optics, and wireless for this application. You should create a table or flow chart which would facilitate choosing between these options depending on circumstances. The table or flow chart should be submitted as part of your document. You may not submit a separate file. Twisted Pair Cable Media Type Coaxial Cable Wireless Fiber Optics UTP STP Maximum Segment Length (Thicknet) 500 m (Thinnet) 185 m 802.11a=60ft 802.11b=92m 802.llg=300ft 802.11n=900ft plus (single mode) 10 km and Farther (multimode) 2 km and farther 100 m 100 m Speed 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps…show more content…
I would develop for her an infrastructure that utilizes 3 satellites. These satellites would have GEO (Geosynchronous-Earth-orbit) and operating on band number 10, radar band X, and frequency 7-12.5 GHz. I would develop it this way because it gives her the opportunity to do anything she wants. If she wants to have a satellite radio company she can. With this type of infrastructure she will be able to do any type of communications. Also by using band 10 which is a SHF (superhigh frequency) she can do cable and internet as well. In any business you need to have a system that is expandable. This infrastructure is capable of doing anything. 3. A typical signal sequence in a synchronous connection contains a significant amount of information in addition to just the intended message or data. Identify each of the blocks commonly employed and utilize an analogy to sending a physical package to explain what each block does. A signal sequence in a synchronous connection contains characters. These characters are sent in large chunks of the total message. These chunks are called blocks. An analogy I would use for describing this is with a 6 foot sandwich. A sandwich has to pieces of bread to hold the meat, cheese, and condiments. As with a Synchronous Transmission the sandwich is too big to send at once so it has to be cut into pieces. Once all the pieces are delivered it can be put together again. 4. For the network that you have

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