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Running head: Computer Systems Architectures Computer Systems Architectures Kaplan University Abstract Computer architecture is a set of rules that say how software and hardware interact to create a network or platform. In other words computer architecture is the design of the network base on the needs of the user, the system if it is there or needs to be built, and the technology that needs to go into the project. System design is all how all the hardware is set up while the instruction set architecture is the program language. Table of Contents Introduction What OS file system should we use? What types of processors? Cluster Architecture? Data Backup LAN or WAN Web-based diagram Introduction to Coast to Coast…show more content…
A client/server architecture is an end-to-end systems that contains server hosts (contains the resources and services needed by the client) and clients (users or workstations in the network). “Most client/server networks have more than one client to a server so that the system shares computing power. There are a few different kinds of servers to include file sharing, printer services, email services, database services, web services, and a server can used for it power. Clients can access all of these different servers at one time and the servers can serve many clients.” (Techopedia, 2014) For large businesses with office throughout the country web based computing or cloud computing shows the greatest benefit. In web-based computing it is not the local computer doing all the work but rather computers off site that do the work. The user’s computer runs off of a cloud computing system’s interface software which uses the offsite network computers to do the work. What OS file system should we use? I would recommend a Windows OS and file system. This is because Windows is straight forward. “There may be too many distributions of Linux, it's possible that this is hurting Linux in the marketplace. It could be that the lack of a Linux distro from a major computer company is also hurting it in the marketplace.” (Horowitz, 2007) The type of architecture I would use is a web-based computing. This is

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