“It’S A B.Lots Of People Make B’S And Live To Tell About

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“It’s a B. Lots of people make B’s and live to tell about it. Mom said that as long as I do my best, she doesn’t care about the grade. I know I did my best. Oh gosh, my fingers are tingling, my palms are sweating, my heart feels like it is going to burst out of my chest. I’ve got to get out of this classroom, but Mr. Webb is teaching. Everyone will look at me and think I’m nuts. I can’t breathe. What’s wrong with me?” Does this sound familiar? It should. Many of today’s students experience similar thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. According the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, one in five teenagers suffer from school-related anxiety, but of those less than half receive any type of treatment or counseling…show more content…
Participants in the group will be middle school students. Teachers will be informed of the anxiety group formation at our weekly professional learning community meetings. The classroom teachers may refer students to participate in the group. Those who have previously sought counsel from the school counselor regarding anxiety will also be included. Students who develop anxiety throughout the school year will be permitted to join as needs arise. Groups will meet for an hour, during the students’ enrichment hour once a week initially beginning after the first midterm report is sent home (mid September). As more life stresses impact the older students in the spring, the group may choose to meet twice a week at that time. At the first group meeting, the goal will be to create a rapport of trust between the counselor and students as well as the students with each other; therefore, the group will focus on icebreaker activities. During typical meetings, the group will be structured as follows: we will begin by eating lunch, followed by open dialogue and discussion about life and school stresses, next we will engage in a lesson providing coping mechanisms for the students, and lastly we will wrap up the counseling session by asking what supports the students might need in the upcoming week. This style is influenced by the Practice of Method style by Fred Newman due to the focus on group cohesion rather than
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