It’S Easy Being Green. People And Especially Scientists

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It’s Easy Being Green

People and especially scientists are worried that if America continues to allow garbage, plastic, pollution, and waste into the environment, that would result to a lot of problems and troubles in the future concerning the ecosystem and nature across the world. This originally was recognized as a problem when people around the world have found a large garbage island right in the middle of the pacific ocean. These are just what they sound like, a large area of plastic, waste, and other garbage floating around. These are created by lost cargo from ships or debris from various things. Our lazy and selfish ways will lead to disasters in animal population and the healthiness and robust to
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Remissive recycling contributes to this problem, too. Researchers have found dozens of recyclable objects like aluminium, plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard, and steel cans in landfills, which could have been prevented if those people took one more second to throw their unwanted things in the proper place. Another source from showed that The American Lung Association states, “the “State of the Air” report, released today, gave Las Vegas-Henderson a failing grade and ranked it as the 10th worst among 277 metropolitan areas in the country for ozone pollution.” (Taylor, Pg. 1) Why is Las Vegas known to be one of the most polluted areas? Due to the . These problems can lead to adults, teenagers, and even toddlers are at risk to obtaining lung diseases, asthma, or heart diseases.

Many fears and concerns that are really concentrated for garbage and plastic is the the ocean water. It is shown that thousands of garbage and plastic have been found in the middle of the ocean. And that it is causing decreasing numbers in the marine population. The article (For Ocean Animals, ‘Death By Plastic’ Could Be Occurring More Frequently) said that “The whale discovered in the Netherlands is only the fifth whale confirmed to have died from ingesting plastic. This might be because some are able to process it better than others, or there could be more that never made it to shore and therefore couldn’t be reliably counted.

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