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Italia Power Yoga
Power yoga, hot yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and many forms of the practice tend to form a buzz word. But instead of getting overwhelmed by the heavy words, it is recommended that you get to know the essence of Yoga. It is powerful in its own sweet way and can have a profound impact on your everyday life. Even if you are a corporate wizard or stay at home mom, yoga has been known to create that balance and harmony which we tend to lack in the parts of our existence. Originating in the lands of India, the holistic practice has spread its roots globally and how!
It is not only the adults who are recommended to take up the practice. Even if you are teenager looking for answers or even a child who whims to learn what the adults
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But yoga helps control that change in a normalized and formulating way. If you have been struggling to find that balance of life, it’s indeed high time you enroll for yoga. Students are trained in the likes of anatomy, physiology, relaxation therapy, yoga ethics, voice modulation, psychology, and other crucial aspects associated with the yogic practice. Embark on a journey of realizing your inner yogi with the courses at Italia Power Yoga School. As a yogi, it is necessary to understand the basics and theoretical principles of what yoga is based on.
Deepened your practice with yoga and the teacher training program. Understand and learn the basics of Ayurveda, Sanskrit, history and origin of the practice through the best teachers in the industry who are individually trained and affiliated to practice yoga globally. We believe that yoga is for everybody and no one should be excluded from the practice. Stay with us and practice yoga in a plush studio located in the heart of Italy.
Out teachers and founders count on the power of positivity and want to spread it to their students too. We ensure that our students transform into better human beings and realize their true potential through yoga. We are incomplete without our teachers for they lay the foundation and personify hope, trust and
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