Italian Cuisine and Spaghetti

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Nicholas Wicklund
English 100
Mrs. Britt
“Mhmmmmmm tastes good!” This is a quote from the movie Balls of Fury I have used many times to describe the most delicious meal on the planet. It is not a very unique meal and almost anybody can make it. This heavenly meal I am talking about is spaghetti and it is held on a pedestal above all other foods. I have loved spaghetti ever since I was young, sitting at the dinner table with my fork, twirling the noodles around and taking the largest bite ever, slurping the seemingly endless noodles off of the plate. It was always a challenge on these nights to not make a mess with the slippery noodles, the bouncy meatballs, and most difficult of all, the sauce. The spaghetti sauce was the
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The American version uses meatballs, which is also frowned upon by our Italian counterparts. A chef named Massimo Bottura, the so called leader of the angered chefs, and 450 other chefs started a campaign to stop their cherished meal from being even more transformed (24). They believe ground beef is the main ingredient and want to save the custom of spaghetti.
Spaghetti has a very precise way of being processed. A pasta factory in Italy shows exactly how goods are processed into making the perfect spaghetti ingredients. 17 hours. That is how long it takes to make the noodles, all done by machine. The buildings have clean and pure air to prevent the pasta from taking in foreign flavors ( Hazelton 1157). Sheets of the dough are rolled, flattened, cut, pushed through scores of teflon-lined molds and put into wire trays to dry (Hazelton 1158). It always has to be watched and just the right amounts of ingredients have to be mixed together because too much or too little could devastate the flavor.
The Italian way of making the noodles are better because it holds together better in cooking and will not mush (1158). Italians use wheat flour that is higher in gluten than what Americans use, making their noodles more durable. The noodles can come out in forms like straight or twisted, long or short, smooth or ridged, and in different shapes like stars, tubes, animals, and angel hair. There is also
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