Italian Culture and Change

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A spherical globe filled with a multitude of different cultures, nations, and ethnicities. Yet we are all part of the same planet, the same singular race of humanity. When assigned with this assignment to choose one country out of this vast array, we went with one that one of our group members was most familiar with. We chose the beautiful European country and cultural center of Italy. It was one that one of our group members had personally visited within the last year and her experience gave us some amazing insight into what the actual culture of Italy consisted of. It was much more enlightening than reading any book, although those sources were just as helpful in the researched conducted. With this decision we reached the verdict that we would be doing the Contemporary World Issues Project. Then after careful consideration we decided to focus the research and project on the overall change in Italy’s population, examining factors like migration, ethnic marriages, foreign residents, and changing cultural values. We also wanted to cover the overall change in Italian culture with the decline in traditional craft making processes and the overall industrialization in the Italian manufacturing and agricultural sectors.
The project was started by dividing up the actual needed information into sections for each of the participants to research on their own. We decided to gather up basic information about different sectors of the Italian world/culture. We divided up into…
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