Italian Immigration And The United States

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Abby Bentley
Mr. Roaldi
U.S. History
19 September 2014
Italian Immigration Many Italians made the United States their home, but getting to the Land of the Free was not easy for them. Many things made the Italians move from their country, and many things brought them to the United States. They faced many hardships while in the country. They all managed to find work in different areas, and in different time periods. They also left important legacies. The things that drove Italians out of Italy and to the United States was the poverty in Italy, the new and unstable government, and their struggling economy. Northern Italy had a history of wealth. While the South was very poor. Seventy-five percent of all the Italian immigrants came from
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The Pope was very powerful. There were few people who did not listen to the Pope. The lack of the churches support made the government very weak. The North 's economy was becoming very successful. It became Europe’s biggest supplier of silk. It seemed as the North and the South were living two different lives. With no obvious chance of progress, the Italians simply left. Between 1876 to 1924, 4.5 million immigrants arrived in the United States and 2 million immigrants came between 1901-1910. The things that brought the Italians to the United States were job opportunities, freedom, safety, and the hope to build a better life. Southern Italy was very poor, with little job opportunities. When the Italians came to America they could work in different areas that fit them best. Some found work on the coast working as fishermen and stevedores. In the mountain regions, the Italians went to work in mines and pits digging for coal and ore. The skilled stonemasons could work in the quarries of New England and Indiana. During and after the fall of Italy’s first prime minister Giovanni Giolitti, the Italians did not feel safe and free in their country. It was said that Giolitti bribed and manipulated government officials. Corruption was a big problem, even before Giolitti came into power. Many Italians left the country and came to America for the democracy and the organized government
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