Italian Immigration To America Essay

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One of the primary reasons that led to the very different, and very much worse reception of Catholic Italian immigrants in the United States when compared to other Catholic European immigrants, was the attitude Italians held in regards to the country they lived in, the United States. Italian immigrants felt alienated in their new country. They believed that conforming to American values too quickly was a direct threat to their own beliefs (Specifically the domus). This was especially true in the Italian Harlem. However, as Orsi states, “the alienation was not a purely internal matter; it was also caused by American xenophobia” (Orsi 160). She goes on to say that this discriminating view held by Americans led to Italians being stereotyped as the “worker”, meaning a threat to take the jobs of Americans born in the United States. This led to almost everything of Italian significance being omitted in schools which led to students getting a sense of Italian inferiority. Teachers and students went as…show more content…
Family was of great importance to Italians and that did not change once they arrived in the United States. The term they used to describe this family-centered way of life was Domus, or culture of the home. It was for this reason that the home was very important to the Italians. To highlight the importance of the domus that Italians brought to the United States, Covello made four principles of the domus, the points are; “10. One should stand by blood relatives in any situation whether they be right or wrong. 15. Married couples should never sever their relations with their parents. 17. Children should respect the friends and relatives to their parents and in their behavior conform to the opinions of these friends and relatives. 21. Husband and wife should represent the union of two blood groups and not the union of two people who mutually arouse each other’s emotions.” (Orsi
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