Italian Music

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With more than four and half million Italian immigrants arriving to American between the years of 1876-1924, traditions, food, literature and an immense amount of Italian culture was slowly spread nationwide. With that, Italian music was also brought across seas. Music in New York City began developing rapidly during the nineteenth century as the number of immigrants and residents steadily increased. Italian music has become popular genre with many subdivisions. Italian music has also become an influential genre of music on other types of popular music. The musical performance aspect of my paper was not an issue to complete. If you go to Little Italy, New York on any given weekend, especially around the holiday season or the San Gennaro…show more content…
“Everything comes from somewhere,” said Luger. He finds that his passion for jazz music and Italian-American music can be easily interconnected since all music influences one another. One thing I found interesting about Luger’s music is that when I asked him to tell me more about the Italian music that he plays, he corrected me, and stated that the music he plays should be referred to as Italian-American because Italian music has a broad range of styles. He said as much as he loves to play instruments and sing, he is aware that he does not have an opera voice, which would allow him to sing authentic Italian music. Classical Italian music is considered to be Opera. Opera was born in Italy in 1600 during the Italian Renaissance and by the late 16th century. Now, when thinking about Classical Italian music, I think of one of the most famous Italian opera composers, Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901). Verdi's works are most noted for their emotional intensity, tuneful melodies, and dramatic characterizations. Verdi transformed the Italian opera into a unified musical and dramatic entity. Verdi composed over twenty-eight operas. Macbeth, a performance by Verdi based off the work of William Shakespeare, was a popular show performed in New York City in the late 1800s. Verdi’s works, along with the works of
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