Italian Renissance and the Reformation

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The Renaissance and Reformation were two very important periods of time in European history that included change in culture and religion. The Renaissance happened before the reformation. The Renaissance was the rebirth of art, literature, and architecture. The reformation focused mainly on reforming the Catholic Church from its evil ways. Out of the Catholic Church came the protestant church. There were many different characteristics of the Renaissance. The main one is that society had a secular, or worldly, view. This can be proved by how their art was changed. They stopped painting religious things and painted the human body. Other main points are that recovery from the Black Plague and decline of church power led to interest…show more content…
John Calvin was another leader in the Protestant church. He was originally Catholic and switched to Protestantism. He agreed with Luther on most things but put more emphasis on the “power, grace, and glory of God.” He believed in predestination. A belief that God determines in advance who is saved and who is to be damned. This religion would be called Calvinism, named after the founder. He also began the Reformation in Geneva, Switzerland. His reform was that there would be government inside the church, but the church would not rule the government. Another religion that broke off was the Anabaptists. They were radicals who disliked the power given to the state through the reformation. They believed in spiritual rebirth in adulthood. They also believed that all believers were equal and that there was a complete separation of church and state. They had no political authority over them and were not allowed to bear arms. The Church of England broke away from the Catholic Church because Henry VIII wanted an annulment which the Catholic Church would not give him. Therefore he broke off and made the act of supremacy. It said that the king was taken, accepted, and reputed as supreme head of the Church of England. The start of the Catholic reformation was because of the spread of Protestantism. In the 16th century Catholicism had rejuvenation. The three chief pillars of this reformation were: 1. The

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