Italians Perception Of The American West

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Chloe Young History 105 Final 12/12/16 Italians Perception of the American West When people think of the American West they get this dangerous, rich, savage-like idea of what it might be like. In reality the American West is very different in contrast to its perception. Europe and more specifically Italy are a main source of this impractical view on the American West. Many events throughout history have given Italy and the region of Europe this idea. The American west is known for its media success in well-known places like Hollywood that use mass media productions like movies, and television shows to demonstrate this idea that the American West is full of “dangerous cowboys” and “fame and fortune.” In the early-mid 20th century a genre of movie was produced called “Spaghetti Western” or “Macaroni Western”. These western films were an important aspect to the views on the American West throughout history. The way that American Westerns, American Authors and more broadly Hollywood itself, portrays the American West through its media, and famous movies gives Italy the perception that the American West is an intimidating place as well as one that people only dream of. In reality Hollywood was successful at significantly altering what reality is actually like in the American West. Hollywood has been well known for its famous movies that would be seen by millions all around the world. Hollywood has had major implications on the European view of what life is actually like. The
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