Italy Silvio Berlusconi Research Paper

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In our country currently, corruption is a topic highly discussed among the people of America. People believe that corruption costed them, the most recent Presidential election. Some say corruption in our government caused them to go out make their voices heard by voting for someone who preached of cleaning up Washington, D.C.. But across the Atlantic Ocean there are problems of their own evolving rapidly, more specifically in Italy. Is the reason Italy’s so corrupt, do to the fact wealthy people will do to all their best to effect outcome? History has showed us that corruption can run rabbid through the world, take a look at Africa. Millions of dollar and supplies are shipped there, but are lucky if they reach their intended targets “Italy…show more content…
He is a absolute media giant in Italy, the 81 year old man made his 7.1 billion dollar fortune by being the controlling shareholder in Mediast. Its as if you combine, fox news, instagram, facebook, and twitter. That's how popular it is in Italy. Berlusconi began a political career, he eventually was elected the prime minister of Italy. The Prime Minister is the european version of an American President. With his political rise came his political fall as well. He came under fire, corruption charges and various scandals had damaged his reputation. Not until 2013 did he officially get charged, “he was charged with paying for sex with an underaged prostitue, and abuse of power”, ‘“Italy” since 1914’. We was later acquitted of the prostitute charges but was found guilty of tax evasion, along with being “found guilty of bribing a senator”, “Pianigiani”. His sentence is a year worth of community service and being stripped of his political rank, and banned from ever holding political office ever again. He is a prime example of someone who was loved by the country, he used his money and influence to undermine another country’s government. Though it was for the country what he did was highly illegal and immoral…show more content…
The only thing about corruption that has evolved since the first idea of it was conceived is the fact it's dipped its toe into fraud, embezzlement, theft, bribes, and kickbacks. Silvio used his social enterprise to help him rise to the highest political achievement you can have in Italy, along the way he made horrific mistakes that eventual would be the end of him. The Mafia started as basically a bodyguard for your land before Italy was even established as a country. Since then they hit a point of decline but eventually rose to unimaginable strength. Would weave its way in between the cracks of the Italian government. So when i ask the question of, is the reason Italy’s so corrupt, do to the fact wealthy people will do to all their best to effect outcome? I don’t believe it's just these things contributing to the demise of the Italian government, but the mindset, the moral of the Italian people. They know that half their government is not for the people but or themselves. And they don't do anything about it. In America the authenticity of our government came under fire, so the people of America decided to attack the situation and elect a person who claims to clean up the government. Atleast thats more then Italy has done, and their situation is much more
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