Italy Swot Analysis

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1 Strength

Italy is situated is the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The main strength of geographical location is that Italy belongs to the coasts of four different seas (Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and Ligurian Sea). There are two large mountain ranges in Italy: Alps and Apennines. It is a big plus for tourism sector of the country. Tourism is one of the fastest growing and profitable sectors of the national economy. Italian climate is very different. It is comfortable to travel to this country in every season. If it is summer you can relax in a seaside resorts or take a rest near different lakes. Also in summer you can mountaineer. In winter it is possible to skiing. In autumn and spring you
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And now unemployment is growing too fast. The problem is that Italians tend to enter the work force at an older age. They take longer to find jobs and tend not to leave those jobs once they have them. As a result of it, many Italians turn to more flexible but illegal work. Speaking about criminality, it is necessary to say about Italian mafia. Based on the report of 2009 year, commissioned by Italy's parliamentary anti-mafia commission, it is possible to say that now it is silently prospering, moving on from spectacular crimes and massacres to business and politics, with a prudent dose of intimidation and violence in a bid to take over the fundamental role of the state. The highest concentration of people living under the shadow of the mafia, 95.9%, was in the province of Agrigento in Sicily, followed by Naples, at 95%. (Tom Kington,, 2009). Now Italy has many problems in economic sector. The first is that it has very high debt level. Because of it Italy now is in crisis situation. Also Italian living standards have a considerable north-south divide. Italy suffers from structural weaknesses due to its geographical conformation and the lack of raw materials and energy resources. The country has an inefficient state bureaucracy, low property rights protection and high levels of corruption, heavy taxation and public spending that accounts for about half of
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