Italy 's Current Population Of Italy

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Italy is located in the Southern part of Europe and is surrounded by the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. It officially became a country in 1861, under the rule of King Victor Emmanuel II. Italy’s current population sits at just under 62 million; it is a decent populated country in comparison to the countries surrounding it. It is ranked the 24th most populated country in the world. The majority of the population is of Italian decent and practices Christianity. Over half of the Italy’s population lives in urbanized areas, which gives a good idea of the percentage of people who hold jobs in an urban area. Urban area jobs include factory workers, business owners, cashiers, etc. With that being said, the unemployment is 12.2% . Surprisingly, the unemployment rate is a little higher for men than it is for women in Italy. The governmental structure in Italy is a republic, and the current President is Sergio Mattarella. He has been president for just over a year. Italy’s economy is an economy with an interesting past, full of ups and downs. It is quite different from the economy of the United States in the way it is ran, however it’s turbulent past is similar to the United State’s bumpy economic past. As of 2015, the average annual income per person is $35,800 (in U.S. dollars). As stated above, the unemployment rate is high, but for those who are employed 3.9% work in agriculture, 28.3% work in industry, and 67.8% work in services. The currency Italy uses is the
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