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ITC Snacks and Biscuits | | GROUP 4: abhinash sanjiv verma lalit kumar

Contents 1. Mission Vision and Values 3 2. PESTLE ANALYSIS: 3 3. SEGMENTATION: 4 4. TARGETING 6 5. POSITIONING 6 6. CURRENT SITUATION AND TRENDS: 6 7. INDUSTRY’S FIVE COMPETITIVE FORCES: 9 8. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF COMPETITORS: 9 9. SWOT ANALYSIS: 10 10. PERFORMANCE REVIEW 11 11. MARKETING MIX: 13 12. Objectives 15 13. Positioning Statement 15 14. Overall Marketing Strategy 16 15. Product Strategy 17 16. Pricing Strategy 19 17. Distribution Strategy 20 17.1. ITC Distribution Network 20 18. Promotional Strategy 22 19. Sales Force Strategy 23

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* Social:
Increasing per-capita income of the country has improved the quality of life which has led people to spend more and looking for value like quality and taste. Large variety of tastes is there in India and so large number of flavours for snack industry and biscuit industry are required. Bingo has more flavours for north India, and has over 16 different flavours. With increased awareness the consumer will move from tastier to healthier foods. * Technological:
Development of quality practices, augmented with traceability management systems are at place. Supply Chain improvements to enhance product freshness, optimal servicing of proximal markets and margin expansion will continue to receive significant attention. Achieve zero effluent discharges, providing treated wastewater for irrigation as an alternative for farmers in water stressed areas and enhancing rainwater harvesting both within units and across watershed catchment areas are some of the goals. Automation in India is widespread in most industries. Even for manufacture of biscuits, imported machinery is available which will help in mass production and reap benefits of economies of scale. So the technological know-how and equipments are available for development of the biscuits industry. * Legal:
Different laws like the standards of weights and measures (packaged

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