Itec Nutrition Case Study

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Johann is a 66 year old lady living in rural ireland. She lives by herself in a small cottage in the centre of her village. She is within walking distance to two grocery shops, a national school, a church and two pubs. Her daughter lives on the other side of the village which is within walking distance also. Johann has two daughters and one son that she sees regularly and one son from a previous relationship that she sees occasionally. She was diagnosed with bi-polar (manic) depression at the age of 18 and has been medicated every since. Her colesterol is very high and she hopes that i might be able to reduce her weight. She is 5 foot 1 inch and weights 14 stone. Along with Bi-polar she was also diagnosed with ceoliac disease.
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Firstly because of the big mix between phases johann does not have a stable routine with regard to food. When she is low as she refers to it, she is so misserable she doesnt want to eat as she finds it difficult to enjoy anything especially food. It is also very difficult for johann to prepare food for herself during this stage, in fact she finds it very hard to get out of bed at all.
When johann is in the manic phase or as she calls it is high she finds it extreamly hard to focus long enough to cook anything. She is so busy in her head that she cant even find time to cook. In reality however she is no busier than normal. During a manic phase johann has no routine whatsoever and could either spend all day eating continuesly or forget to eat at all. Its during these phases that johann often eats gluten.

Ceolic disease
What is it?
This disease is believed to be a genetic disorder. It is an autoimune reaction to the protien gluten which is found in wheat. It affects the grastrointestinal tract usually the small intestine resulting in malabsorption. Viatmin D and Calcium malabsorption are often linked with ceoliac disease.
How its Treated?
When gluten is removed from the diet recovery can be complete.
Johanns symptoms.
Johann becomes very sick when she eats gluten although not all the time. 3 out of 5 times she get severe diaroagh and vomitting. This could last up to 2 days. Because sickness is not
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