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Graduate School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences
Individual Student Assignment Weighting: 30% Due Date: Refer to course description. Submission: Submit your report on Moodle – use a zip file format if necessary. Your lecturer will inform you if a paper copy is required and provide you with details. Assignment Topic: Select one or more key issues concerning communicating as professionals and discuss in detail how it relates to practise in a particular field. (For example, journalists, lawyers, teachers and IT professionals) Description of Assignment: Students will prepare a 2000 - 2500 word report (approximately 10 pages doublespaced, not including references). The assignment is to
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A student reading vastly more than this minimum will be better prepared to discuss the issues in depth and consequently their report is likely to be of a higher quality

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ITECH5401 Professional Communication

ITECH5401 Professional Communication

D. Plagiarism It is important to learn from the work of others and you are encouraged to explore the library, World Wide Web resources and have discussions with other students. However, work for the assessment must be entirely your own work. *Important* Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as though it is one 's own without properly acknowledging that person. You must not allow other students to copy your work and must take care to safeguard against this happening. In cases of copying, normally all students involved will be penalised equally; an exception will be if you can demonstrate the work is your own and you took reasonable care to safeguard against copying. Plagiarism is a serious offence. As set out in the University Regulation 6.1.1. students who are caught plagiarising will, for a first offence, be given a zero mark for that task. A second offence will result in a failing grade for the course involved and any subsequent offence will be referred to the Student Discipline Committee. University Referencing/Citation Style Guide:

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