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Business Information Systems
Tutorial 6
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Tutorial – Friday 10.30am - 12.30pm

Case Study 1: Cloud computing 1. Are the security arrangements for data and applications stored in the cloud the responsibility of the user or the vendor?
I believe that the responsibility lies on both the user and the vendor to arrange appropriate security arrangements for the data and applications stored in the cloud. Cloud computing helps computers keep their storage capacities lower by breaking the physical bonds between IT infrastructure, but it allows security threats to personal information being hacked or leaked if the security is not looked after appropriately.
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The Olympics should be very concerned with reducing its carbon footprint to help set a good representation of their reputation whilst making history all at the same time.
Environmentalist groups insist that the Olympics should do what they can to help preserve the environment and support sustainability. As the Olympics use a lot of resources to set up the games, unfortunately they are used only for a short period of time so by reducing their carbon footprint they will therefore save money and the planet if they decided to use more environmentally products and recycled materials that could then be recycled when the games are finished rather than go to waste. This would then show the world that they are contributing to establishing a long sustainable planet and set an example for everyday people.

4. What could the Olympics do to help shed light on global environmental enterprise issues?
The Olympics could help raise awareness on global environmental enterprise issues by opening up and asking the world to help out by going green. To encourage others to do this they would have to prove that they are involved and passionate about the subject too. They can prove this by using smaller and more sustainable and environmentally friendly companies as sponsors to encourage other larger companies to follow suit. As the Olympics are worldwide leaders they can help give confidence to us to help in our part in changing the world.

5. How
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