Items and the Resources behind Them

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Items and the Resources Behind Them People all over the world are using resources every day that they do not even think about. People are not aware of where things come from or what happens to those things after they are no longer in their possession. In the following paragraphs, I will look into five specific things I make common use of in a week. I chose to conduct my research on plastic water bottles, mechanical pencils, plastic grocery bags, cell phones, and ear phones. I will expand on the materials that go into making these items, and where they come from. Additionally, I will look into what happens after they have fulfilled their purpose and whether they are recyclable or not. Each type of water bottle has a different story. For the most part however, they are made up of similar materials. It is common that they are made using Polyethylene terephtalate plastics, which are also known as virgin plastics. The plastic is made by mixing hydrocarbons that are extracted from crude oil with chemical catalysts. The manufacturing process is described as each bottle being sterilized, filled, capped, labeled, packed into cases, and prepared for shipping. Transporting and distributing these bottles consists of shipping them in lightweight materials which are good for the environment since it cuts down on fuel costs. Most people only use water bottles until that 1 serving is gone. But they may be reused or recycled. When they are recycled, the plastic bottles are shredded into
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