Iterative Process Of Design Thinking Essay

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1. What does an “iterative process” mean in the context of design thinking? Iterative process in design thinking is defined as method of designing various products where it undergoes number of tests and analyzed constantly to make a product that is flawless before the product is released into the market. It is a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing and refining the product or process. On the basis of the results found in this process necessary and changes are made accordingly. Products are prototyped, tested, analyzed and refined again and again where the process starts all over again. Iterative process is a cyclic process and Iteration doesn’t end even after the actual finished product is released. Iteration is done even after the release of the product; this is carried out to improve the functionality. Iterative process is very important in designing a product as it eliminates flaws and guarantees a good user experience. This process is done to so that flaws developed in the early stages can minimized and the cost correcting this is minimal. 2. How are convivial tools different from industrial tools? Convivial tools are defined as the tools which improves the user’s capability to work independent and efficient. The important characteristics are as follows: ϖ Usability ϖ Intuitive Use ϖ Reliability ϖ Reparability ϖ Durability ϖ Ergonomics ϖ Simplicity ϖ Robustness ϖ Open access ϖ Modularity ϖ Recyclability ϖ Environmental
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