Itm 423 - Module 1 Session Long Project

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ITM 423: System Acquisition, System Development and Project Management
Module 1: IT Systems Planning and Acquisition Session Long Project
May 2014 Term
May 25, 2014

Assignment: Try out your assigned project planning software and prepare a 2-3 paper addressing: * A summary description of the program, its structure and purpose * Its overall look and feel and apparent target audience * What the program does and does not give you * Your assessment of usability, relative advantage, utility and relevance to this course * Items you find worth noting to others * Your bottom-line evaluation

A Hands-on Evaluation of Basecamp Project Management Software

With all of the
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To create a new project you just need to click on the Create a Project link at the top and the software steps you through everything. On the main Basecamp page they also include testimonials from many companies that used this tool to become a success. You’ll also be able to step through an actual Basecamp project from KEEN Footwear and all of the things that the tool provided them, to include a video of their grand opening. Personally, I found that added touch very welcoming and made me want to give this product a try for a project of my own. So far I’ve been dabbling with this product for a couple weeks now and haven’t really seen where there was something I wanted to add that I couldn’t. It’s still early on, but I may stumble upon something as I really get into using the product more. I did a comparison look at the other tools we had available and this one definitely stands out as the “non-techy” appearance that the other portray on their website. By that I mean that on the other sites you’ll see everything lined up and blocked as you would on something like PC World or another tech-related website. Basecamp uses drawings/cartoons and actual snapshots to bring their product details home. I think it seems a bit more inviting this way and less intimidating. This product is very relevant to this course dealing with project management and we

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