Itm 423 - Module 3 Session Long Project

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ITM 423: System Acquisition, System Development and Project Management
Module 3: IT Project Roles, Responsibilities and Staffing Session Long Project
May 2014 Term
June 22, 2014

Assignment: Utilizing your assigned software incorporate staffing into your project plan; allocate and distribute your personnel resources as you think they will be needed and then prepare a brief 2-3 page paper summarizing these activities – personnel definition & plan design
Finally, attach and/or include your plan report from your software

Incorporating Staffing into our Project Plan utilizing Basecamp Project Management Software

In the previous Module we analyzed the project lifecycle in detail as we started
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As the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) it will be on them to ensure their course material is available for all who require it and that it is complete. If they need to update their particular course material then they need to have that ability. Another aspect of the faculty members is having an open line of communication to other faculty members as well as to the students. Perhaps a common area such as an open forum or a messaging capability can be incorporated into the project plan that will be easy and robust enough so that it streamlines communication.
Students – Students can play a role in helping to develop the project plan in that they can help test out various features and give feedback on what works and what doesn’t work. Just like in rolling out a new curriculum there needs to be a phase where everything gets worked out with a test class (or multiple classes) to validate the material and tests/assignments. Feedback from former students can also be of some value in determining the best way to add in new features that also contain the things that worked very well in the past.
Plan Design
The specific plan design will incorporate each of the personnel above into our project that we have started in the previous Module. With Basecamp this is accomplished by creating a project and then selecting the Team and/or Client tabs. From there we can add individual team members or even a group account. Once added you have
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