It's A Cold Winter Night At Seoul, South Korea

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It’s a cold winter night in Seoul, South Korea. The snow is piled high on the cars. Just walking is a challenge, with the wind cutting into my skin and eyes. It is so beautiful and so harsh all at once. I step into my small apartment, and absorb the warmth penetrating from the floors. It feels like an army of ants are fighting their way out of my skin as the heat is melting away the stiffness in my bones. I wait it out and realize too late that I am too hot and the dryness almost hurts. I rub some cream on my hands and face. I make some tea and sit down to think about my personal statement. The thought that keeps coming to mind is that it is all about balance. Nature, life, my life, and the lives of others are all in a constant fight for balance. In every instance of beauty, there is an element of unease. In seeking comfort, there can be much hardship. But, finding that elusive balance for myself and others, is really what it is all about for me. I am a 25 year old, half Colombian, half Mexican male, born in Illinois and raised in Florida. Ever since I can remember, I have talked about wanting to be an attorney. But, my journey to that destination has been anything but a straight path. I have taken many detours along the way exploring and developing many interests and passions. I fell in love with building/construction, design and cooking. I found debate, economics, and government fascinating. I tried my hand in sales and marketing while working over the years in the
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