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“It's All About Me” It's All About Me is an enlightening documentary exploring the diversity of the different generations, spanning over four decades. The show is a probing and controversial view at the difference in the generations through various changes throughout recent history in trends, culture, and traits. Antoine Gaber along with a cast of various generations metaphorically journey through time to explore how Gen X's nurturing and education morphed into an inflated, entitled persona of today's youth. Through multiple interviews from every generation a viewer is able to decipher the mass diversity between how Gen X's mentality was in relation to how it became in Gen Y and then how it is currently in Gen Z. The show touches on multiple…show more content…
Gaber explains the consequences of Gen Me complex and how it is resulting in higher depression rates, feelings of loneliness, isolation, and even suicide. This documentary explores the five different generations and how they differ, for example the Silent Generation would be grandparents who were raised during the “Great Depression”. They were raised during hard economic times, they learned to put duty before self needs, and tended to be very frugal. The Baby Boomers were individuals born anywhere between 1945-1964, who mostly came from a structured home, they discovered individual freedom, demanded respect, and were very self -aware. Gen X are individuals born around 1965-1977, hierarchy started to diminish, were allowed more expression, and had a looser environment. Individuals born around 1978-1989 are considered Gen Y also named the Peter Pan generation or the Boomerang generation because they tend to leave home and then move back. These individuals are quick thinkers and very decisive. The final generation are Gen Z also known as Gen Zed, they were born around 1990-2001. They are technology generated, impatient, and have shorter attention spans. The show relays the fact that this generation fails to have any genuine role models to base their behavior off of. They value very different things compared to their grandparents or even their parents’ generation. They have more…show more content…
I came from a poor childhood and wanted better for my own children, but I wanted to instill my parents solid work ethnics and respect for others into my children. My children have chores to teach responsibility and work ethic and are taught to respect their elders, as well as good manners. I have noticed that a lot of children have lost these basic social etiquette. For example, I had a principle call and tell me that any other child would of received punishment for something my sons had done, but due to the fact that they remained polite, well-mannered and respectful he was just giving them a warning that time. His comment was “It is a relief to see that some children are still being raised with basic manners”. I found that quite sad and it explained why I was hearing children be respectful so infrequently. I have noticed over the past several years as my children have aged into teenagers that the younger ones seem to exude a sense of entitlement and that the world or I owe them for being alive and in my presence. Granted so far they only express themselves like this while at home. It never fails to appall me, due to the fact that I would have been smacked down if I disrespected an adult in any form or
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