It's Complicated: Digital Natives

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The people of this world, especially today's youth, heavily rely on and engage in technology. With technology comes new ideas and processes that at first may be hard to understand, specifically if the person is from an older generation. Since today's youth was born into technology, most adults consider the youth to be "digital natives". Along with being native to technology and the media it produces, today's youth is also thought to be digitally literate. When someone is digitally literate they generally understand the processes and creation of this technology and how it functions. Due to the fact that technology has such an impact on our lives and the topic of digital natives is such a big debate, it has sparked some conversation on the question of whether or not youth are truly digital natives.…show more content…
In chapter 7, titled “literacy: are today's youth digital natives?” from her book It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, published in 2014, she claims her view on this controversy. Boyd is a principal researcher at Microsoft Research and the founder of Data and
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