It's Hard Being a Single Dad in America

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It’s hard being a single dad in America
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According to the U.S. Census' most recent information, there are approximately 13 million children living in single-parent households. That in itself isn't all that surprising, but here's something that is: 2.5 million of those children are being raised by single fathers. That's nearly 1 in every 40 households –over half as many as ten years ago –in which custodial fathers are raising children, many of whom are girls.
So, what kinds of challenges
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We had grants and access courses. And work. I did and do, though, find it hard sometimes, and no amount of moralising by this government helps in any way. Like many, I patched together childcare with a bunch of likeminded women who enriched mine and my children's lives massively. Without them and subsidised nursery places I would not be the upstanding taxpayer I am now.
I will use this information as my opposition, to show that the government needs to help out with single parenting.
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UN asks Australian Government to explain violation of single parents rights
March 4, 2013 The Australian Council of Social Service today called on the Australian Government to detail its response to a United Nations request for it to explain the decision to cut the payments of over 80,000 single parent families.
The UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights and Chair-Rapporteur of the Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and practice has written to the Australian Government about the slashing of about $100 a week from the payments of single parents, which took effect on 1 January. The letter is in response to an urgent complaint that ACOSS and other welfare groups and human rights experts made last year to the UN Special Rapporteur, following the Federal Government's refusal to follow the recommendation of its own

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