It´s Important to Be Able to Cope with Stress and Burnout

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As a future IHP, it is important to be able to cope with stress and ensure that I do not burnout (Ross & Deverell, 2004:305). Along with a thorough understanding of what stress and burnout is, I will use a personal past experience to explain how I will develop stress-management strategies and implement them in my behaviour. Stress and Burnout: Stress is understood as the way in which a person responds to the demands, both physical and emotional, which have been placed on them. It is a reaction to change and stress can become more apparent when the requirements a situation are greater than your ability to cope. Stress is a subjective response. Not everyone will feel stressed, and experience the same symptoms, when exposed to the same…show more content…
I believe that I have gained valuable skills to reduce and manage stress (Olckers, Gibbs & Duncan 2007:3). As an IHP, I will be constantly faced with conflict involving fellow professionals and patients because of the need to make significant decisions. The resulting stress needs to be managed constructively so that healthy relationships are maintained which are valuable to my career (Gibson, Swarts and Sandenbergh 2:109). In matric I learnt how important it is that you don’t let stress negatively affect your life such as causing depression and reduced concentration (Gibson, Swarts and Sandenbergh 2:106). I have learnt how stress can develop into burnout and the consequences of this which have been outlined in defining burnout. Knowing how to prevent burnout is critical in my career as a future IHP. Each day of work will revolve around dealing with people’s problems which can accumulate and cause emotional strain (Ross & Deverell, 2004:304). Knowledge of harmful implications of stress on well-being will affect my behaviours in the future as I consciously work to eliminate these. I now understand that it is not healthy to repeatedly stay up late to complete work because adequate sleep in critical to well-being (Ross & Deverell, 2004:308). Instead, I will keep up to date with work

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