It's More Fun in the Philippines

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Topic: “It’s more fun in the Philippines” Campaign Slogan Introduction The focus of my thesis is about the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” Campaign Slogan. I will discuss to you about why is it more fun in the Philippines. There are already several tourists who proclaims that it is more fun here in the Philippines. Have you been wondering why? Well maybe you're wondering why because you haven't been here. Well, to answer all your questions, I will state some facts here in my paper about why is it More Fun in the Philippines. I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy reading this and hopefully, i will be able to satisfy your curiosity. First, There are so many beautiful places here in the Philippines like Luneta Park, Burnham…show more content…
The study likewise assessed the effectiveness of the new media strategy in reaching its target market – foreign tourists. Open-ended interview guides were used in securing information from DOT and the Ad Firm responsible for the development of the new tourism campaign. A one-page structured-survey questionnaire was used particularly in generating feedback from foreign tourists on their awareness and perception of the new tourism promotion tagline “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” A narration of the circumstances and process in the production of the new tourism campaign was made, together with an enumeration of the primary reasons behind the choice of the social media as the platform and channel in waging the new tourism campaign. The survey results showed that the Internet ranks Number 1 as a source of information on general matters and is a close second to friends, relatives and co-workers as the source of information that influenced the decision of foreign tourists to come to the Philippines. Quizzed and presented the current and the four other past tourism campaign taglines to determine their awareness of the present campaign, 47% of the foreign respondents accurately identified “It’s more fun in the Philippines” as the current tagline. The respondents likewise rated the
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