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It’s Not Over – The Notebook ENG 225 Sarah Carson April 16, 2012 It’s Not Over – The Notebook The Notebook is a love story set in the pre and post-World War II era. It was directed by Nick Cassavetes and the main characters are Noah and Allie. They fall madly in love during one summer but Allie was from a wealthy family and her parents would not allow it. They separated from each other for fourteen years and after Noah returned home from a stint in the Army he began restoring an old farmhouse. Allie finds a newspaper article about Noah and his accomplishments and she returns to him however the problem is that she is engaged to another man. This story is told by an old man who is reading to a woman who suffers from…show more content…
The art director is also responsible for the art department budget and the schedule of work. When the movie opens at a Ferris wheel Noah is stricken by Allies beauty. His clothing shows that he is a hard working individual and a bit disheveled looking while Allie’s clothing and hair shows that she is from a wealthy family. Throughout the movie Allie’s hair was always well groomed as was her clothing not much like Noah who barely had two nickels to his name. His clothing depicted him as being poor but that did not detract from Allie’s love for him. As the movies progresses through time Allie becomes engaged to another man Lon that she nursed to health during the war. One evening while the couple was out dining with Allie’s parents, Lon pops the big question and asks Allie to marry him. He was the picture perfect man in the eyes of her mother. After the big ‘will you marry me’ question, Lon jumps up on the band’s stage, takes over the microphone to announce his bride to be to the public. The congratulatory music that was played after that announcement spoke of wealth. The clothing at that time was reminiscent of a soldier at war and Allie, again, a wealthy southern woman with class, charm, and a notable southern accent. Allie’s clothing and hair style were retro 40s. The hair was either long or slightly curled, with a flower or pin to hold it away from the face, or it was

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