It's Time For a Gay or Lesbian Disney Hero Essay

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The Walt Disney Company is well-known the world over for its magical “once upon a times” and wholesome “happily ever afters.” Stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid all feature captivating tales of beautiful young women who are pure of heart seeking adventure and true love. Disney paints the picture of a strong sense of faith and love, which act as guiding forces that provide access to a lifetime of happiness.

Unfortunately, these stories all lack a crucial sense of diversity in today’s emerging and multicultural world. In the realm of the Disney Princesses franchise specifically, seven of the eleven women are Caucasian. Of these princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, and Aurora all exhibit similar aspects of
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It is time that Disney addressed this lack of diversity in their animated films. To do this, it is necessary that every aspect of the filmmaking process be inclusive to different identities. For the well-being of the company’s image and a more positive impact on popular culture and human development, Disney must incorporate the endless possibilities of realistic family values and individual issues into three introductory films that will open the door for more expressive, inclusive films and a more accepting environment worldwide.

Although to many the Walt Disney Company may just be a fond childhood memory, Disney’s media and consumer initiatives transcend national boundaries. The Disney corporation owns or exerts influence in six movie studios (three of which are animation studios), the ABC network (which has 226 affiliated stations), ESPN, and seven other TV channels. They control 227 radio stations, as well as multiple vacation resorts, theme parks, cruise lines, and Broadway production companies. They publish books and magazines, and even maintain a secure browser via the Walt Disney Internet Group. All of this is done while holding 10 franchises that produce consumer products within the Disney Stores and elsewhere to provide families everywhere with the Disney brand in their daily
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