It's Time To Get Paid In Airports

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Imagine this, you are a large person and you are getting on a plane. Everything is going normal until an attendant ask you to step on a scale. You have never had to do this before but decide not to object, and after getting your weight the attendant tells you that, due to your weight you have to pay more money to get on the plane. This is one of the things that will happen in airports everywhere if people implemented the fat tax. This tax states that larger people have to pay for any “excess weight” put on the plane and for an extra seat. While some say this is a spectacular idea I personally, disagree with this sentiment. I do not agree with this because it is socially inacceptable, it will cause longer waiting times, and airlines will lose…show more content…
One of the main reasons for this is the way they have to figure out exactly how much more the person has to pay. The airports need to take into account a plethora of things to get the exact amount extra the person has to pay. Taking into account that not everyone is good at math this will take a while. The other problem is that even if the staff gets everything right they will still have people claiming they are being overcharged. Not only is the extra wait time annoying but so is the sound of the people arguing. Some people will argue that this tax will earn the airlines more money. This brings me to my last point all about how the exact opposite will happen. First you have to think about the amount of backlash this will receive. After taking this into account which seems more likely to happen, Will people pay the tax without complaint, or will people find a way not to fly? Monroe hamilton says this. “People already do not want to fly because of security madness… , do you really think this would help the airlines? Maybe people can walk. At least they would lose weight that way”, she says.(source B). So, while there are many reasons we should implement this fat tax there are also many reasons we should not. A few reasons include it being socially unacceptable, it will cause longer waiting times, the airlines will lose money, and the airlines will also lose
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