Why Is It Wrong To Kill A Fetus?

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Since 1988, Canada has had no laws that regulate abortion, and it is totally legal. This needs to change, it goes against everything in the charter of rights.

First off, it is a proven scientific fact that a fetus in the mother’s womb is in fact a living human being. So when you abort this living being not only are you committing murder but you are violating the Charter under legal rights section 7 which states: ‘everyone has the right to life’.
By saying that, it is okay to kill a human fetus, you are saying it is not a person and therefore has no rights, which is not the case. Even if you believe that a fetus isn’t a true person, it is a living being. In our society, even though animals and pets are not humans, they have immense worth because they are living. So why should it be any different for a fetus.
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But because the baby is still inside the womb, it is deemed morally ok? That just doesn’t make sense. Due to the Canadian government not acknowledging killing the fetus in the womb as murder, it is actually going against the section under the charter which states:
‘Every individual is equal before and under the law, and has the right to equal protection, without discrimination based on: Disability, race, ethnicity, colour, religion, sex or AGE.
Canadians are discriminating against these babies because they have not been born yet! Which isn’t okay.

Many people argue that abortion should stay legal because a women should have a right to her body. Which I totally agree with, a women should have a right to HER body. However, the fetus is not her body, it is inside her body. The fetus has a different body of its
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