It's Time To Prevent Ocean Pollution

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Have you ever wondered what is life like without plastic? Today, all around the world ocean pollution is still active. The community is trying to figure out a great solution to stop ocean pollution. Most of the time no one knows that he or she usually uses water for everything in beverages and food . Well, it seems like when people drink water it's like they’re actually drinking the ocean . People pass by around places that people never been to , could possibly have dangerous things in the water . There’s a reason why people have to be careful with water. Water doesn't have to be wasted it's actually one of nature's important resource. Most water is a reason why people need to drink water ,and eventually care for nature . All plants and animals must have water to survive including the ocean and its environment , apart from drinking it to survive. People have many other uses for water. This research paper will talk about the past solutions from the years that tried to prevent ocean pollution from continuing . To begin, one question that nation and communities ask to prevent from ocean pollution from happening is “ What are solutions to plastic pollution in our oceans?” Solutions to plastic pollution in…show more content…
A research was found that was told there were 8 million tons of plastic in most oceans the plastic is worse then not picking it up. The most problem is just that the plastic isn't the only problem is that most people has to at least commit to at least trying to pick some up and even just one piece of plastic or trash. Likewise, preventing from it to keep on going by just cleaning.
Then, “ what were the solutions that tried to prevent ocean pollution?” . Most common ways to prevent is reduce , reuse, recycle people should try to ignore plastic items like as a plastic holder for
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