It's Time To Put and End to Sexting Essay

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Jesse Logan was a girl who had just graduated from high school when she was humiliated by her ex-boyfriend to an unforgivable state. She sent a fully frontal nude photograph of herself to her then-boyfriend, which is now known as sexting. After their breakup, the ex-boyfriend forwarded Jesse's sext to their entire school, causing her embarrassment and humiliation. She then did an interview with the Today Show stating "I just want to make sure no one else will have to go through this again." Two months later she was found in her bedroom. She hanged herself. As a nation, how is it going to be possible to implement a policy that will work sufficiently? I believe that through annual, educational assemblies in elementary schools for…show more content…
The instructor will educate the students about topics such as "bathing suit parts," what exactly privacy is, why everyone wants their own privacy, and why it is necessary to not invade other's privacy. This will be a huge basis for the future assemblies that the students will attend. It will give a solid prequel to why sending can offend others, and why it is necessary to not exploit other humans, despite how "funny" it may be.
The next group of students, grades seven through nine, will increase be more relevant to what exactly sexting is. The average age that children now-a-days are getting cellular telephones is 11.6 years of age (The Online Mom). Therefore, text messaging will be come more relevant to this junior high school age, and it will greatly benefit the students to know exactly what cellular telephones are supposed to be used for, and what sexting entails. This will educate the students about what kind of text messages are appropriate, and what kind of messages (including what sexting is) are inappropriate, and the consequences that can entail sending sexts.
The last group of students to take part in the annual assemblies will be students in grades ten through twelve. This group of students will be hit hard with sexting information. They will be taught exactly what sexting is and how it can impact their future. In East Forest High School, a
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