It's Time To Stop Animal Experimentation

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In laboratories, scientists discover new projects and are quick to start testing those discoveries. This issue needs to be brought to attention to stop the experiments and save 100 million animals from dying. Animal experimentation should be banned and illegal because it is a form of animal cruelty and violates animal rights, animals react to certain things very different from humans making them poor test subjects, and on top of all that, it is a huge waste of money due to the animals constantly dying.

Animal cruelty is incredibly huge in the experimentations on animals. They are being handled without care, and simply causing harm to them. Examples, burning, isolation, drowning, starving, poisoning and much more. One other specific example, the animals contract diseases due to the testing by being exposed to drugs not meant for them. These acts being done to them by the scientists causes death, each year more than 100 million are killed in the United States and this country alone. Just because they are only animals, does not mean that they get to be treated like insects, with such evil actions, which is one reason why, Animal testing should be illegal and or banned.
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For example, if a dog eats a piece of chocolate, the dog can become ill and even die if consumed in large portions, but humans are perfectly fine with it. Not only food but medications as well, tylenol is extremely harmful to cats and dogs but is helpful to humans. That example deems the experimentations pointless because it's unreliable. Meaning, it can be beneficial for a bunny or a rat, if used for testing, but can be harmful for humans and vise versa. Another reason added to put a halt to all
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