It's Time To Stop Dying In High School

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As school begins at a new institution, exuberance flows through your veins, and you skip towards a sea of new faces. Stares of disgust penetrate through you as if you have wronged these individuals by being in their presence. Far from the expected, you brush the feeling of anguish off and decide to walk up to a group of friendly looking individuals. You manage to put your left foot in front of your right just three times before the group recognizes the attempt of involvement, and opts to disperse as if being pulled away from you by a riptide. Surrounded my hundreds of new faces, never have you felt so lonely. Knowing none of this is because of your personal actions, but those of your parents, you feel drowned in a sea of grief. Hiding from the pain of homesickness, you roll under the covers in an attempt to dream yourself back to your bed, with your white pillows and your white mother wishing you goodnight. Instead of your mother above you, you see a white child from another bunk. He makes the astute observation that you are a, “Nazi”, because of your families German decent. Barring rational…show more content…
The storm on the horizon for those filled with self-pity and anxiety is just a blip on your radar. The whirlwind of the last 60 school-less days leave your emaciated self begging god for the opportunity to attend high school. Your friend messages you with a petty accusation of wrongdoing by their parents because they deem a Wednesday night, “not a night to go out with friends”. While responding to the attention seeking message, sobs of genuine tears bellow throughout your house. In an attempt to find the source of these noises, you find yourself stepping in a pile of alcohol-filled vomit. While cleaning up your mother’s room and getting your incoherent “parent” into bed, you manage a half-ass “that sucks”,
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