It's Time To Stop Police Brutality

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Police brutality is the use of excess force way beyond what is necessary in certain situations, whether it be non-threatening or non-violent.
There are a lot of people that would say most police officers abuse their authority because they feel like they are above the rest of the citizens. They resort to violence more often than they should in most situations that are not life threatening to them. Police officers do what is convenient for them, and even when they are the ones who are out of order, they get a light punishment or none at all. Recently, the actions of the police, has been watched closely as well as continuously by the general public. We as citizens nowadays have to worry about protecting ourselves from violent criminals as well
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If rehab or proper training would not work, the officers should then be reviewed before a board and disciplined.
If the second tactic failed, the last would be met with the officer being removed from the police force and banned from working in any other field that deals with law enforcement. Police officers are supposed to be here to protect the public, not scare them. Because a lot of people are intimidated by police officers, this allows most of them to take advantage of the people who are not aware of what rights they have because they would not be able to stand up for themselves.
The ethical value of the police as people is usually overlooked by their objectives as police officers to stop harmful activity. There are a lot of basic solutions that would help stop police brutality before they happen. There could be changes as to how the officers get trained to ensure they are respectful and can handle any situation that comes about. The training facilities should also reiterate the importance of the criminal and non-criminal activity so they can be well
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