It's Time to Declare English the Official Language Essay

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It's Time to Declare English the Official Language

"In no way would having English as the official language intrude upon anyone's private life, business, or day-to-day living. Official
English applies only to the conduct of government business." -S.I. Hayakawa

America today is a melting pot of different societies. Everywhere, in every city and in every state, there are Germantowns, and Chinatowns, and Greektowns. America has certainly developed into one big multicultural society. With the many different cultures, come the many different languages as well. When a person imagines the language of the United States, naturally most believe that English is the
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In those countries, the people still have their own unique backgrounds, and still manage to preserve their own culture. Declaring English the national language would not create a momentous disaster. In fact, according to a recent study provided by the Center for Immigration Studies, fourteen percent of Americans speak a language other than English at home. However, ninety-eight percent of Americans declared that they could speak English “very well” or “well.” The Unites States has tried to declare English the national language before. On August 1, 1996, the House of Representatives voted 259-169 to declare English the official language (Baustein and Epstein). The Senate, however, never acted upon the bill. The states themselves have taken action. Currently, twenty-two states have declared English their official language. Those states still use other languages when necessary.

Declaring English the national language would also save the country money. Since the United States does not have an official language, it is necessary to spend excess amounts of money creating signs and providing services in different languages. In fact, the financial burden of language “assistance” by the government is enormous. In addition to the ten billion dollars the government pays annually for bilingual education, governments spend millions to provide translations and other bilingual