It's Time to Get Tough on Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence occurs to one in every four women in the United States and about one in every four fail to report it. There are a variety of solutions to resolve this issue. One solution is to establish a zero tolerance policy for first time offenders. Another solution is to provide temporary counseling for both victims and offenders to provide them help for their unstable relationship. Lastly, offenders are mandated to wear ankle bracelets that have prior records of Domestic Violence; this will overrun the restraining order policy amongst victims. Domestic Violence can be prevented by establishing first offense laws to ensure the security of victims. Domestic Violence is a form of violence that occurs in homes which involve both …show more content…
This type of Domestic Violence is less severe but is still taken seriously due to the circumstances that may affect the victims. To determine the elements of this crime, one must find an indication of harm was done by one of the parties. This means that if one or both parties were fighting, there has to be proof that there was a fight by providing actual or photographic evidence to authorities (Strnad). Also, if there is no proof of bodily harm or damage and the reporting party is complaining of pain, then it fits the qualification for misdemeanor Domestic Violence (Strnad). A misdemeanor Domestic Violence is less serious than a Felony due to the severity of the issue. Though taking necessary steps to prevent a misdemeanor from happening can help prevent such things from escalating to a Felony. In a Felony Domestic Violence (273.5), the whole scenario goes beyond a misdemeanor charge. The elements for a Felony Domestic Violence are: Husband and Wife, Child in common, intimate relationship, and may be any gender. For a Felony Domestic Dispute, the victim must prove that the disturbing party has conflicted bodily harm on him or her (Calton). By providing evidence of bodily harm, this shows who is at fault. The party that is at fault is also known as the primary aggressor (Strnad). The primary aggressor is basically the person who is escalating the dispute. They are also the ones who are responsible for causing bodily injury and damage. Any form of physical and

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