Essay on It's Time to Legalize Illegal Immigrants

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It's Time to Legalize Illegal Immigrants

Look at the world around you. Is it anything like it was 100 years ago? How about anything like it was 10 years ago? The world is changing at an alarming place. When this country was first founded, land west of the Mississippi was considered uncharted territory. It was seen as a whole new world. Nowadays, there is not a place on the planet that we haven’t been to. There are places on other planets that we have been to. The world has shrunk due to technological advancement. The world is globalizing. Some call it progress. They say that we are growing as a society and that change in inherently good. However, one must look at the nature in which we change. Is the world really becoming a
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Often times the very workers that make globalization possible are the ones being mistreated and are being adversely affected by it. Steps must be taken to fix the moral oversight of globalization. Specifically I would like to look at the use of illegal immigrants to reduce the wages of workers. I want to look at the use of unfair competition to put the workers, farm workers in particular, in a very disadvantaged position. Steps can be taken to make the situation more just for all parties, but it may take a change in Mexican-American border policy.

The idea of globalization causing suffering is not a new idea. In fact, it is accepted throughout the world. This is because people try to justify it. The common argument is that this is the natural process for growth in countries. Europe went through period of hardships during the Industrial Revolution, as did the United States. So when other countries show similar signs, it is seen as a good thing. People say that the county is developing and in time they will be a powerful country like America or Britain. A nation can only grow if it goes through certain stages, and those stages are inevitable, so we shouldn’t worry about them. I don’t know about you, but I see some pretty big logical holes in this theory.

There are two major problems I see with this train of
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