It's Time to Privatize Colombian’s Prisons

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The involvement of the private sector in the penal system, prima facie, could be seen as a rapid and low cost, high benefit solution to the most serious penal system problems such as lack of prisons spaces, poor condition within the prisons, and the state responsibilities of running prisons services adequately, by the figure of prison privatization. (Cavadino, M. and Dignan, J. 2007)

The figure of contracting out has been well described by Cavadino and Dignan in their analysis of the prison privatization. This model involves the private sector in the penal system, by giving to it certain responsibilities, such as, auxiliary services, design and construction of prisons, basic custodial functions, or a set of above, which is named
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Firstly, a careful analysis of the fact that the private sector, management of prisons could be seen, just as a business, where everything is looking for the most part a financial item, so that, may generated danger of lack accountability and transparency in the delivery of punishment to the prisoner. Therefore it is very important in this point, the labour of the state as a controller and overseer, supervising that the contractor fulfils its obligations in an appropriate and transparent manner.

Second, analysis of competition between public and private sectors in terms of provision of services in the search for low cost and high benefit as part of the delivery of the sentence, Logan, C. argues that they face the same problems, and for that reason are in the ability to compete.

“it is primarily because they are prisons, not because they are contractual, that private prison face challenges of authority, legitimacy, procedural justice, accountability, liability, cost, security, safety, corruptibility, and so on. Because they face no problems that are both unique and insurmountable, private prisons should be allowed to compete (and cooperate) with government agencies so that we can discover how best to run prisons that are safe, secure, humane, efficient and just”. (Logan, C. 1990)

Under this approach, the competition between the two sectors can be legitimized, and beneficiaries to improve impressments, under the

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