It's Time to Stop Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Essay

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Since its establishment, the United States has always had an industry where humans have sold other humans for profit. Although the United States abolished slavery and human trafficking with the thirteenth amendment in 1865, the human trafficking industry has not even begun to disappear, despite all the efforts made against it. Human trafficking is an issue that affects various people. As author Kevin Bales said in The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today, human trafficking is of “equal opportunity” (18). It can affect all kinds of people regardless of age, sex, or ethnicity. Victims of human trafficking are sold for the purpose of being exploited through labor sexual acts. It is estimated that there are…show more content…
First and foremost, the current system the Unites States has fighting human trafficking is not succeeding. According to Patrick Belser’s Forced Labor Statistics, at any given time there are 12.3 million victims of forced labor or sexual exploitation worldwide (4). If this system is not revised modern day slavery will continue to blossom nationally. Human traffickers capture victims with the intent of selling them into forced labor, sexual exploitation or a mixture of both. Although not all slaves are in bondage for the same reasons, they all live under similar conditions. When tricking victims into capture, human traffickers promise them a better life with vast opportunity (U.S. Department of State 11). This is never the case. On the contrary of the victims’ beliefs, the victims proceed to live in terrible conditions being forced to do things against their will. They are often isolated and live with very restricted access to food, clothes, medical care, and sleep. These people are dehumanized. Slaves used for labor often get ill, injured, and sometimes even die from the intense circumstances they are living. Furthermore, slaves being sexually exploited often get sexually transmitted diseases. The victims also have very slim chances of escaping due to being locked into places and being guarded by multiple people with weapons (U.S. Department of State 17). By creating more laws against human

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