It's War in the Cyber-World Essay

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The new internet legislation acts, SOPA and PIPA, are creating serious disputes between internet corporations and national authorities. Those acts seem to be hindering global freedom of expression, which goes against the bases of the concept of the cyber-world. The internet has proved to be one of the most revolutionary concept and tool of the century taking communication and sharing of information to a whole new level. From education to arts and politics, people have access to knowledge with little or no limits. The dependance on the internet has become of great importance in today's world, and so imposing regulations and limits to it creates a controversial polemic worldwide. Since the Digital Copyright Millennium Act, internet became…show more content…
Petitions and blackouts are not however the only way these acts are being fought: Internet users and organizations are already finding tricks to "evade" those acts even before they have been passed by the congress (Savitz, 2012:1). The borderless world that internet has constituted for many years is under the threat to disappear and become under the control of government laws that decrease its freedom and undermine its functions of innovation and global communication. These protests mark the two opponents of this war: individuals along with small and new industries, against copyright owners from lawyers to corporations and authorities.

French philosopher Michel Foucault has argued that there is a direct relationship linking knowledge and power. Power, he explains, allows one to access and spread a certain kind of knowledge, but also to restrict it. And vice-versa, one who holds knowledge, holds the keys to power (Foucault, 1984:1). The example of education should be drawn in this situation: in most developing countries, the level of education is low and poor compared to that in developed countries, and so most bright, rich students from developing countries follow their education in more developed countries. The fact is that other bright, poor students from those countries can't afford an education abroad, and therefore, they can't have it. And this

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