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Alcohol abuse is a major problem on most college campuses in America. Majority of college students might not think it is an enormous problem, but in fact it is: it is among one of the biggest problems that colleges and universities all across America face. For instance, speaking at the Senate Committee of Homeland and Government Affairs, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut stated, “Alcohol abuse on college campuses has reached a point where it is far more destructive than most people realize and today threatens too many of our youth.” College students’ abuses of alcohol have an impact on their fellow students, campus, and the surrounding communities. Some consequences college students face for abusing alcohol includes death, academic…show more content…
Furthermore, colleges should inform parents about their underage children’s drinking activities, especially if it is a repeat offence; provide law enforcement to patrol residences and dorms especially at nights and weekends; and provide transportation for students during the night. Additionally, colleges should warn students, especially incoming freshmen, about the consequences of alcohol abuse. They should be informed that alcohol abuse increases their risk of being placed on academic probation or even expulsion; having failing grades; being the victim or perpetrator of an assault; or experiencing alcohol-related injuries and death. This can be done via freshman seminar classes, fliers, and during orientation. These warnings should be backed by concrete examples and the ramifications of alcohol abuse should be extended past the students’ college years. For example, a student who intends to go to medical school should be told that bad grades will affect his ability to do so. Concurrently, parents should sit and talk to their children, especially those leaving for college for the first time, about alcohol and the dangers associated with abusing it. Constant alcohol education should be a staple throughout a student’s college stay. Another solution to alcohol abuse is the college’s adoption

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