“It’s not where I’ve been, it’s where I am going!”

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“It’s not where I’ve been, it’s where I am going!” “I don’t understand it! There was cancer... I can’t explain it?” These were the words that where delivered to Dwayne Cleveland, Stacy’s husband by a doctor in the city of Tifton, Georgia. Only the day before, Stacy had been given startling news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. “I was scared, I was worried, and I was frightened!” Stacy expressed to me as she sat in her small, southern kitchen, starring at the camera. Her brown hair mixed in with the shadows caused by the low lighting, but yet her small figure, and her bright smile stuck out against her lightly colored walls. Although the thoughts of fear and anxiety of what would be happening in the near future were…show more content…
Stacy and Dwayne were married in April of 1996. Stacy and her husband then moved to the small town of Waterloo, Georgia. Unknown to Stacy, her life, and the life of her family would be forever changed in this small, southern town. By Latter-day Saint standards, the Cleveland family would be considered fully non-members! Dwayne was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but had been inactive in church since his childhood. Their daughter Amber had begun going to a local Pentecostal Church just down the road form their small home. Stacy said, concerning her daughter: “I was happy that she was going.” She and Dwayne didn’t go to church on Sundays, but she was glad that her daughter had a desire to go to church. On one particular Sunday Stacy related to me that, Michael, her youngest was upset, and confronted Dwayne about their attendance at church. Michael asked “Why don’t we go to church as a family? “ This comment caused Dwayne to really think, and look at his family, and where it was heading. Dwayne said, concerning his feelings at that time: “I felt like I was failing as a parent! I am the father, and I am supposed to provide for my family, and I wasn’t.” After this incident Dwayne had a sudden desire to read a book that he remembered form his youth. He found a copy of the Book of Mormon, and began to read it. Stacy said, “Dwayne expressed to me that he was reading the Book of Mormon, and he made a

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