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Chapter 1 Study Guide
True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ ____ ____ 1. End-user computing refers to the use of computers for both business and personal use. 2. The first computers used widely in businesses were available during the 1940s. 3. The goal of transaction processing on early computers was to replace as much manual processing of business information as possible with automated processing. 4. Among the reasons for the growth in decentralized computing was the availability of inexpensive personal computer hardware and productivity software. 5. The applications development backlog was due to the inability of computer professionals to design and write programs fast enough to keep up with the demand for new
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____ 35. An advantage of assigning primary responsibility for user support to the IT department is that all computer activities are combined and users know who to contact about various computer problems.

____ 36. A disadvantage of organizing user support under the IT department is that IT staff often have priorities other than user support that they feel are more important. ____ 37. The outsourcing method of support may be combined with an in-house support function in some organizations. ____ 38. Support staff in a help desk may perform a product marketing and sales function. ____ 39. Since computer products change constantly, user support staff are not expected to evaluate new products for end users. ____ 40. User support staff recommend computer products to end users based primarily on each user’s personal product preferences. ____ 41. Help desks that solve problems for end users rarely get complaints about the features of computer products. ____ 42. Product support standards are useful because it is impossible for an organization to support every possible hardware and software configuration. ____ 43. Setting product standards reduces the cost to support computer products. ____ 44. The purpose of computer product standards is to make the widest possible array of products available to workers in an organization. ____ 45. User support staff often have more resources,

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