Itunes Marketing Analysis

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Marketing Management Midterm Paper 1 Introduction It was clearly specified not to include an introduction in this document, however, I feel that adding the following words would strengthen the arguments in this document. I have an IT background, I am not a programmer, but I have been working in IT for the last 10+ years. All my life I have been a PC person and not a MAC person, I have used MAC in some occasions but I always felt that PCs were more user-friendly. It is needless to describe how electronics have progressed and invaded every aspect of our life now a days, we are all about gadgets, MP3 players, GPS, Palm, email, web-cam, web-conferencing etc etc… Every day there is a new invention that seduces us, and I am not immune to…show more content…
It has improved some over time but you get many versions of one song during search without knowing which one has the best quality. It is very inconvenient Community: The music community, the artists community and the record productions are surely winners in the iTunes APPLE© solution, it guarantees new, modern and advanced solution to distributing music without loss of income of piracy. Also the student, teachers, and parents community has been positively affected by this legal music download channel. 2. iTunes Positioning Map The axels chosen for this positioning map are the following: Download Price : we take into consideration the price that the users pay to download an item, be it a subscription price (like Napster version 2) or the download item price (0.99$ for iTunes and 0.79$ for BuyMusic) or free as in the P2P. Download procedure complexity and the downloaded item

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